Social Tennis / Match Practice


Social Tennis

At our club we have a very strong bond and play lots of social tennis. This is a less competitive and more fun form on playing tennis, enjoying a more social approach with members and a way of keeping yourself on top of your game as well as always improving.

Social tennis is open to any club member who has full membership.

Social tennis runs
Mondays – 6pm onwards
Thursdays – 6pm onwards
Saturdays – 2pm onwards

Match Practice

We also have a men’s practice, ladies’ practice and mixed practice, where the team players can gel together and play more intensely, ready for upcoming matches. We have started introducing fixed fours to men’s, ladies’ and mixed practice, once signed up for fixed fours you will receive a time slot and you will play for an hour and a half within your slot against 3 other players.

Men’s Practice
Sundays from 10am onwards
Tuesdays from 6pm onwards

Ladies’ Practice
Wednesdays from 6pm onwards
Sundays from 2pm onwards

Mixed Practice
Mondays from 8pm onwards
Thursdays from 8pm onwards